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Membership of DEMAWUSA is open to all workers employed, directly and indirectly, in local government, water boards and allied undertakings whether in the public, private or voluntary sector. DEMAWUSA believes that all workers falling under local government and its allied services must be organised under its banner. DEMAWUSA believes that no worker must be left un-unionised because such a worker is vulnerable to the employer's cruelty and abuse. DEMAWUSA is not only for low-earned workers or commonly known as general workers, but for front line, office bound professionals and managers alike, permanent and non-permanent workers, young and old.


DEMAWUSA is determined to create better working conditions for all municipal workers, starting at the Local Labour Forums right up to the Bargaining Council. Among many things DEMAWUSA wants to do include but are not limited to:

  • Reviving the Local Labour Forums to immediately take up current policies affecting workers' benefits and working conditions;
  • Stop indefinite acting and get the municipalities to appoint people permanently in positions;
  • Fight for all non-permanent workers to be employed permanently;
  • Fight for "salary progression" for workers because municipalities can afford to pay workers on progression;
  • Fight for jobs to be correctly graded and for equal pay for work of equal value;
  • Stop top heavy management structures. They deliver no results but big bonuses for senior managers while workers doing the job earn nothing but peanuts;


DEMAWUSA will provide advice, guidance and representation to you if you need to deal with a grievance or face disciplinary action. DEMAWUSA views this as an important service that guarantees that your rights are respected and that you benefit from the guidance and advice of an experienced and qualified trade union representative. Remember, you are entitled to trade union representation in these proceedings whether or not the employer recognises the trade union.

DEMAWUSA will protect you from unreasonable behaviour by your employer and will represent you in case of unfair dismissal. DEMAWUSA guarantees to provide you with legal assistance in any court of law in the country relating to your work related matter.

DEMAWUSA believes in equal opportunities for all employees employed in the municipalities and its allied services. WE undertake to support and represent all members who are victims of discrimination. All workers have the right to equal opportunities and treatment and have the right to dignity at work.

It is no statement of arrogance but we can assure you that you are better off with us. With DEMAWUSA, it is not about its leadership but about its members. DEMAWUSA exists to improve the working conditions of its members in the workplace. Our strength comes from you and many other members, who have chosen to join DEMAWUSA. When you join, you add

The answer is an emphatic NO, NO and NO!!! We have learnt from our painful past experience that trade unions must be politically independent from both the employers and from political parties. Trade unions are supposed to be a voice for the workers and their primary responsibility is to improve the working conditions of their members, represent workers and negotiate for better salaries for its members. DEMAWUSA is an independent trade union and it is not affiliated to any political party. However DEMAWUSA is not apolitical, and it remains alive to the political discourse in our country.

DEMAWUSA is a nationally represented authentic voice, speaking up for all municipal workers across the country. We are a militant campaigning union, winning the ear of those in power on the issues affecting municipal workers in the country. We pride ourselves in our impeccable track record as trade unionists who have lead trade unions both nationally and internationally. Our representatives have been in the trade union movement for many years and have the know-how on issues affecting workers.

There are many reasons why DEMAWUSA is different from the rest of the unions in the sector. We will only mention four of these reasons but the list is not exhaustive:
Firstly, DEMAWUSA does not believe in representing a particular class of workers to the exclusion of others on the basis of race, colour, creed or positions in the workplace. DEMAWUSA membership is open to all men and women in the local government sector despite their positions in the workplace, race, colour, creed or age.
Secondly, DEMAWUSA believes in highly skilled and educated representatives who will be able to represent workers with distinction. DEMAWUSA believes that its representatives must be learned to understand and argue all forms of injustices against workers in the workplace. We do not believe in "empty-tins" who makes lots of noise without sound reasoning.
Thirdly, DEMAWUSA does not believe that workers' money should be used to enrich a few people but ourselves. DEMAWUSA believes in the principle of being self-sufficient as a trade union, that workers collective bargaining power must be used positively to enable workers to own and control the minerals and wealth of this country. DEMAWUSA believes that it is a well-orchestrated propaganda that workers should not be involved in owning or controlling some percentage of the wealth of their country and as a result should retire and die poor. We believe that our monies must work cleverly for us!
Fourthly, we believe that unions must be militant and campaigning in their character. DEMAWUSA is a union with distinct richness of being a revolutionary socialist union with clear ideological perspective. We believe that the time for "sweetheart unions" is over. DEMAWUSA believes in changing the current discourse of work relations in the workplace between the employers and the trade unions. We believe that employers must respect us for our clarity, understanding and articulation of issues but mostly to be able to campaign for our members to improve their livelihood. We believe that theory without practice is futile!

your policy lists the name of a particular trade union before the insurance company's name does not mean that the trade union is your insurer. All unions are entitled to have an agreement with the insurance companies. The difference is that without the trade union, the insurer will have to deduct your insurance premium through a debit order whereas with the trade union the employer allows the insurance company to deduct your monthly premium through a stop order. Your subscription fee is linked to a stop order. DEMAWUSA guarantees you that there will be a smooth transition of your policy from the erstwhile trade union to DEMAWUSA and your policy will now read DEMAWUSA Old Mutual or DEMAWUSA Metropolitan etc. Unlike with some unions, your policies will be paid monthly and will never lapse.

Trade Unions are fundamentally established to help members have their say and become involved in their own workplace. DEMAWUSA believes that you have the right to influence improvements in your working conditions and to have a say when there are changes planned. DEMAWUSA is your voice in the workplace, no more decisions taken without your SAY and consent.

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